Closed date: September, 30th 2019

We are an I.T. company based in Jakarta are looking for some talents in Java Spring Boot framework to build and maintenance Government Applications

Employer: Docotel World
Based : Jakarta Pusat
Work Type: Full Time and / or Freelance (6-12 months periods), at least 2 times visit office per week , Night shift is O.K. but not preferable

Requirement Skills :
A. Senior
– At least 3 years Experiences in Java Spring Framework, able to make report PDF with Jasper with additional language (Pinyin, Chinese Traditional), Familiar with REST and Microservices Platform, docker, Kubernets, etc
– Willing to teach junior and share Knowledge

B. Junior
– Graduated from I.T. based University, At least 2 years experience in programming, Fast learn person and Strong motivation to learn Java programming esp. Spring Boot Framework.

Salary Negotiable, we know how the standard for Java Programmers in Indonesia.

Contact to apply directly call / WhatsApp: +62819-269-1982

Last modified: December 8, 2019



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